Handling Viral Posts

Every now and then one of our clients will amaze us by bringing in some massive traffic numbers both in terms of bandwidth, and in terms of processing power.

Just this weekend we had one of our newer clients absolutely dominate our main shared hosting node due to one of her posts going incredibly viral. In fact the post is doing so well and amassing such a following that even today we are still seeing big numbers and are working with her to ensure that her site stays up and her comments get approved while she is on a plane to somewhere warm (LUCKY!).

Her main blog was hosted on our shared node with approximately 24 other customers who were all affected by this massive spike in traffic. We were able to keep all clients sites responsive (however very slow to load) while we migrated the client to her own dedicated server solution with very little downtime if any.

To give you an idea of the volume this particular client at one point had over 1000 active users on her blog and sustained this volume for almost 24 hours! Congratulations to our clients on having some incredibly successful blogs!

We’re proud to host some of Canada’s finest bloggers, and to keep them up even when other hosts have let them down!

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  1. thisbirdsdayheri

    Having a post go viral is an amazing feeling. Being with a host provider who shuts you down as soon as you cause issues with their servers is devastating. I am so lucky I made the decision to switch to WePwn. I don’t often high-five myself but I’ve been doing it all weekend.


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