So Incredibly Thankful

Well hello there everyone!

I wanted to take the time to write out a proper blog post about why we do what we do at and to let you all know how thankful we are for each and every one of you.

I sometimes think to myself about all of the people we’ve migrated to our hosting platforms from other hosts and about why it is they left their original host in the first place. Before I got into this game, I had sites and servers with all kinds of hosts and generally had good experiences for the most part and now almost 15 years later I’ve seen the landscape change into a massive cash grab. $5.99 per email address, $20 a month for 5GB of web space. Honestly it is absolutely atrocious what some hosts charge for.

People have asked me why I charge to move customers on to our services. The answer is simple. We’re a relatively small business, we spend a lot of time on migrations (some hosts don’t give up customer files and whatnot easily.) and it shows us that the customer is truly interested in moving. We also offer a level of technical expertise and support that almost no other host offers.

If you don’t believe me, ask any one of the clients we host. Ask them why they refer friends, ask them why they stick around year after year, ask them how long they’ve had to wait for help with an issue. We don’t hide anything and we are upfront about what we charge and why.

After dealing with a few different hosts while helping customers migrate, we’ve seen a lot of hosts that violate some pretty golden rules of running a web site.

Register your domain yourself

This one needs to be said. DO NOT let your host register your domain for you or transfer it to them. This gives them complete control over your name and if you decide to leave, they can make that process hell.

Maintain Access to YOUR Files

Your web site is comprised of YOUR files. As such, your host should provide you with FTP, SFTP or some way of accessing the files that run your web site. We’ve seen a few hosts that do not provide any way, shape, or form for their customers to access their files and claim it’s a security issue or something to that effect.

The only time it’s a a security issue is if the server you’re hosted on isn’t properly secured.

Paying for SSL Certificates

There are a couple free SSL providers out there and a lot of hosts are using them. If you request they install an SSL certificate and they charge you for it, make sure you’re getting a proper paid SSL certificate. Let’s Encrypt and Comodo offer free options, and we offer them to all customers free of charge as any host should. If your host charges you for let’s encrypt certificates, they should be ashamed.

In the end, you select your host. Make sure to ask questions and if ever you need advice, please reach out to us and we’ll guide you. Even if you don’t host with us! Advice is free.

Thank you so much for being a customer and if you’re not a customer, thanks for reading!

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    Thankful for you as a host!


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