Still Motoring Into 2017

Good Morning!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog, however I felt like it was time for an update with HostingEh and where we are today.

HostingEh has been around in one for or another for 8 years now. In that time we’ve continuously grown in size and capacity and we continue to bring our customers along for the ride.

We now have servers in two different countries and 4 different data centers. We hav daily backups that we include with every hosting plan free of charge. We also offer free SSL certificates using a variety of providers such as Let’s Encrypt and cPanel SSL Authority.

In the coming months we will be expanding once again and shifting some resources around so continue to offer the best pricing and service to our customers.

Have a great summer folks and if ever you need anything, you know who to ask!

Andrew Goldenberg

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