WordPress Support

We understand that as a blogger you may not know exactly how to work with certain facets of WordPress, or you may even need a custom solution to solve a problem you are having with your blog. This is where we shine!

We’ve helped tons of bloggers with anything from migrating a WordPress site to building custom themes and plugins.

If you need help with WordPress or any kind of programming, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Languages We Speak

  • WordPress
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • PHP
  • Postgres
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • JQuery / JQuery Mobile
  • Apache Cordova / Phonegap

WordPress Site Audits (NEW)

We now offer full WordPress site audits. We’ll log into your site, find out what plugins you are using and what plugins you’re not using and either make our recommendations to you, or simply do the work for you with your consent.

We’ll look at your logs and determine if there are errors happening with certain plugins and provide you with a detailed report of your sites health.

For more information on this service, contact us.

If you need something not mentioned above, feel free to contact us and see if we can be of assistance. It never hurts to ask!